Questions & Answers&

1. Is MTooYou for Me?

Absolutely, if you do Office work, you're Designer (2D/3D), multiple browse internet, play games or watch movies, mTooYou is for You!
Increase your productivity and user experience.
You will have a disruptive change in your way of work!

2. Can My PC Handle This Technology?

From what you've seen of mTooYou, it seems to require a great PC, But nevertheless, with your own PC, you'll can use your usual Applications in mTooYou's novelty and special ways.

Your PC totally can use mTooYou with your Usual Applications!

3. Why MTooYou Application is so Unique?

mTooYou will allow you to do functional Mutitasking, allowing to optimize your work in awesome ways. mTooYou combines novelty technologies and automatize several processes and tasks, creating intituitive and amazing functionalities. The more you use it, the more you will discover it's tremedous potencial, finding Awesome New Uses. Discover a whole universe of new features!

Go beyond an awake your creativity, or even more, Could It be boost Your Perception and Intelligence? Try It Now and Find the answer!

4. Do Using Apps Over my Game Affects It's Performance (FPS)?

Using others Applications while Gaming will increase CPU and GPU Use and Requirements, though with High Demanding Games configurations could be a FPS Drop. Besides that, every game has a Video RAM requirement that needs extra memory available in case you use mTooYou's MultiGaming Capabilities.

5. Why sometimes Loading heavy Games or Files The Others Apps Temporary Freeze?

mTooYou UI AppSETs allows to use MultiCores, even a total number of then in a High Level MultiCore Computer.

However, in mTooYou hieracy of multiApps, there are a SingleThread entanglement; that in some cases, the whole AppSET needs to wait for an application response. And if this Application temporary freeeze it loading a file or doing a process, It's possible that the BackAPP or others ForegroundAPPs (ForeAPPs) suffer a temporary freeze also.
In this case, be patient an waits for response.

If these Freeze continues after a certain time, mTooYou will Ask for extract any no freezed Application, Returning Applications to system to Avoid Data Loose.

6. Are There Compatibility Issues with Programs?

mTooYou handles several Applications behaviors, but nevertheless there are numerous Applications that has been programmed with differents kinds of technologies, languages and programming ways. So, There are some programs that has certain application's behaviors that could affect the use of this App with mTooYou.


  • 6.1 Browsers like Chrome and Firefox had certain issues in FullScreen Mode(F11): like can't write sometimes in Text Box website forms, Returning from FullScreen Mode(F11) resolve this issue.
  • 6.2 Chrome: FullScreen Video Preview Transformation to FullForeAppScreen, has autocorrections on MultiChrome Brownsers AppSETS to maintain Viewing Coherence of FullForeScreen Area. So, if exist a BackAPP Chrome in AppSET, this will be passeed to FullScreen Mode to maintain Coherence Area of the ForeAPP Chrome that has in FullScreenForeAPP Mode. You can return later to a normal mode in this BackAPP Chrome and in the vast majority of cases, the issue don't apppears anymore.
  • 6.3 Sometimes Chrome and Firefox Tilt. mTooYou drives automatizations and detects unusual behavior that could freeze Apps, and when it happens, mTooYou has behaviors to resolve it.This Tilt corresponds to a behavior to resolve one of this unusual freezing behavior event.
    It Appears infrequently in Firefox and even more rarely in Chrome.
  • 6.4 Firefox Home Tab. FireFox Home Tab function has an Another Kind of Tilt Issue that It is resolved when you load a real website. So, when you launch Firefox from mTooYou, It's Launched with google search page to avoid this issue.

  • 6.5 Adobe PhotoShop 2018 has an issue that not shows Tools Window, but previous versions Works Totally fine!
  • 6.6 Universal Windows Platform APPS: True Real Applications Designed for Windows OS Works with mTooYou.Universal Windows Platform APPS are Not Compatible Yet, But will be possible in later mTooYou version. It requires special functions to manage Applications that belongs to Special OS User Accounts in one multidimensional interface. So, it needs very special permissions that needs to be authorized for the development of the Operative System.

  • 6.7 Game that has no Windows mode Configuration are incompatible with mTooYou.
  • 7. Why I need to setup my game in Windows or FullScreen Windows Mode?

    Configuring Video Mode in this way, Allows mTooYou handle it and includes Applications and/or Games inside Multidimensional Matrix Interface, and mixing and position it with inside mTooYou's AppSET.

    8. When I export my Multipresentation can i open it in another computer without MTooYou?

    You can do It, mTooYou can create an portable MultiApplication Set (AppSET) File presentation with your needed files in a Portable Drive. But you need mTooYou Installed in The Computer that opens this AppSET.

    9. How many Computers can I use with my Licensed Serial?

    You can use one license per Computer.