Refund Policy

Your Request is important to us.

Effective date: February 1st, 2019


1. Introduction

All our products come with a 7-Day refund policy. If you have a problem with a product purchased on our store, please contact our support team at for assistance. We will reply to you within 24 hours, or the next working day to try and correct any issues. You will be asked to provide a valid reason for a refund request and we may suggest alternative ways to resolve your issues.

2. mtooyoulabs is not responsible for any one of the following

  • 2.1 Any lost or misdirected email.

  • 2.2 Delays in downloading or any communication delays.

  • 2.3 Delay due to any unforeseen uncontrolled factor.

  • 2.4 Mail being marked as SPAM by the email client application of the client or by the mail server being used by the client.

  • 2.5 Mail for download or activation is bounced by the sender or receiver mail server due to any reason.

  • 2.6 Once purchased and is done with process, you do not need the software any longer.

  • 2.7 Accidentally Purchased Software and now want to remove it from the system.

  • 2.8 While purchasing your aim was not to purchase this specific software.

  • 2.9 After purchasing software, you face trouble to operate the tool in your computing platform.

  • 2.10 Software purchased is not suitable for the platform you are using.

  • 2.11 Weekend delay in license processing.

  • 2.12 Unable to use software, as basic requirements to run software is not fulfilled by your machine.

You can contact the support team, in case the software you purchased fails to execute operations that are promised to be done. After analyzing and studying the issue, our technical expert will provide you with the suitable solution and then if the issue is not solved and still exists, then we will refund you the money you invested while purchasing the product and amount will be determined according to the task and issues solved by our software.

3. Refund will be made only if one of the below conditions hold true

  • 3.1 If the Client was able to perform the operation as stated with special demo sended version but the functionality was not there in the Full Version.

  • 3.2 If the Support Team fails to help the client in resolving the issue.

  • 3.3 mtooyoulabs is not responsible for miss-interpretation by client of material published as part of promoting the product/software by mtooyoulabs. In such case, the responsibility lies with client to get the right interpretation from the mtooyoulabs support staff.

  • 3.4 Refund will only be done when signed "Letter of Destruction" in form of email is received by the client. mtooyoulabs should receive the email on within 7 days of the date of purchase of the mtooyoulabs software.

  • 3.5 Letter of Destruction implies that client provides in written that the mtooyoulabs software bought from our website will be destroyed from all machines where it have been installed.

  • 3.6 From the date of receiving the "Letter of Destruction" from the client, the refund will be processed within 15 days. Any delay than 15 days will be notified to the client through email from mtooyoulabs.

  • 3.7 If the full licensed version of any software works but not completely then we will provide a solution for that.

4. Refund is not valid in the following cases

  • 4.1 When User Is Unwilling to Upload Files on Our FTP in Case of Software Failure: There are 'N' numbers of corruption cases, and if in any particular corruption case, the client is finding issues in performing the process using our software; then we ask the client to upload his files on our secure FTP Server, so that we can do the needful for him.

  • 4.2 We highly recommend that you read carefully our FAQ, so you can see if the software meets your needs before deciding to purchase.

  • 4.3 Refunds can take 7-15 days to get back to your account and your activation code will be disabled following refund completion. Having received a refund, you agree to uninstall the product from your computer. You also agree not to reinstall the product without placing another order for the product.

  • 4.4 Please also note that purchases made on our store are not subscriptions. This means that we will not be making any further automatic charges to your chosen payment method in the future. If you purchased a 12-month software license and this has expired, your license will not be renewed automatically.

5. General Information

mtooyoulabs is a trusted software developer and an online store. We have been developing and selling software, as well as supporting our customers for more than 10 years. If you wish to learn more, please visit our Contact page, where we you can find more information regarding our products, our privacy policy, and what to do if you have a problem.